Rugby attack patterns are used to get your players to make the most of the attacking opportunities that come their way during a game. In these attacking drills I look at ways to create chances for your attackers, rugby games that will sharpen their reactions near the try line, and tips on how to coach your attackers to be try-machines.

Inside pass support lines

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The inside pass is an effective weapon against a sliding defence. The receiver hits a flat pass and a gap in the defensive line to break through. This activity finishes the break with a try. Initially work on an inside pass against a sliding defence, with three attackers and two defenders. The player taking the... MORE

Attack in pairs

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Double up in attack to draw in defenders or create space. This increases the ball carrying, offloading and technical skills of young players in a simple but effective way. Encouraging a player to run with the ball carrier to offer support not only puts an end to isolated attackers also but teaches that a support runner can benefit from being in the right place at the right time by scoring a try. MORE

How to promote support in contact 1

Winning the support race

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There are many one-on-one races in a match. One is for the space around the ball carrier as he arrives at contact. Remove his options to pass and he has to go to ground. Win the race to get over the ball and then there is a chance of a turnover. This sessions looks at attack and defence options in support. MORE

How to improve the line breaks 1

Just enough space to run

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Most line breaks will occur in the tightest of spaces. The ball carrier goes between two defenders or one defender and the touchline. This session works on arcing to make a break and then getting back on line to beat the cover. MORE

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