Rugby attack patterns are used to get your players to make the most of the attacking opportunities that come their way during a game. In these attacking drills I look at ways to create chances for your attackers, rugby games that will sharpen their reactions near the try line, and tips on how to coach your attackers to be try-machines.

Realign to win the gain line

in Attack, Rugby drills

Once you’ve gone to the tackle line with your attack and have won quick ball, you need to be in shape to attack again quickly. Use this low-impact exercise to realign quickly and efficiently. MORE

Improve in 3s situations 2

Cutting in 3s

in Attack, Practice plans

Most of the time, your attack will face an organised defence. In which case, your players will need to break it down using good lines of running and accurate passing. This session works towards a 3 v 3 situation, challenging the attackers to move in or out to create gaps. MORE

How to bind and drive through 3

Shotgun rugby

in Attack, Contact, Practice plans

A support player can “ride shotgun” on the ball carrier going into contact. In this 2 v 1 session make two players bind to drive the ball into one defender. The outcome should be go forward ball. If the ball carrier falls over, the other attacker can grab the ball or protect the tackled player. It should lead to fast ball. MORE

Attacking round the corner

in Attack, Attack, Rugby drills

Practise creating and exploiting try-scoring opportunities by using this attacking drill on a regular basis. Your players will need to work hard to get round the corner of breakdowns. Replicate this scenario in a match and you’ll stretch the opposition defence until they run out of numbers. It’s also a great fitness workout. Line players... MORE

How to develop driving and going forward skills 3

Power ball

in Attack, Contact, Practice plans

Players love simple targets such as moving the ball from one end of a box to another. This session works on the ball carrier and his support making progress while a defender attempts to stop them. This expands into a game where “power ball” might be used. MORE

How to promote support play for the ball carrier 2

Read between the lines

in Attack, Practice plans

Support runners need to know the line a ball carrier is likely to run and predict where they will need a team mate to pass to. Players can only learn this by following their team mates in training. They must also weave through busy defences. MORE

The king of one-on-ones

in Attack, Practice plans

Some players have the natural ability to beat a player one-on-one, but don’t know when to use it or have lost their confidence. Others need the skill to be developed. Even if the player cannot get past his opponent by using this skill, he should at least get beyond the tackler to create “go forward” ball. MORE

How to decide when to pick and go 3

Pick and go? It’s your decision…

in Attack, Practice plans

Don’t let your team waste quick ball at rucks because they have taken the wrong decision. Forwards have to decide whether to “keep on going”, to either pick up the ball and drive on or leave it for the scrum half. This session focuses on players having to make their own decisions as they approach the breakdown. MORE

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