Rugby attack patterns are used to get your players to make the most of the attacking opportunities that come their way during a game. In these attacking drills I look at ways to create chances for your attackers, rugby games that will sharpen their reactions near the try line, and tips on how to coach your attackers to be try-machines.

Refresher passing

in Attack, Rugby drills

Players initially work on their passing accuracy and then go straight into a 2v1. The quick change from technique to decision making encourages players to work hard at executing skills. ACTIVITY The attackers move through their gates, with the first pass being taken and given before the middle gates and the second pass after the middle... MORE

From basics to tactics

in Attack, Rugby drills

Work on core passing skills and decision making in quick succession. Make sure players continue to develop their basics and tactical awareness. An ideal session to rebuild confidence or even for pre-season. ACTIVITY Four players stand and pass up and down the line in a 10m square   Call out a name or letter. That... MORE

The half back control panel

in Attack, Rugby drills

Put your half backs in control of the running plays. Work on the 10 organising his players around him. Both he and the support runners should read the defence and aim to either attack space or take contact on the best terms. ACTIVITY A 10 attacks two ruck-pad holders, feeding one of the inside or... MORE

Target the weak point and space

in Attack, Rugby drills

Make your players look for a target to run to while taking a pass. They cannot exploit space unless they run hard into it. Start with a pass to space game, then move into a match scenario. WARM UP Two attackers aim to put the ball or the ball carrier’s foot onto a corner. They... MORE


in Attack, Rugby drills

Use this high-octane handling and footwork game to work on catching and passing as well as improving decision-making skills. Put five attackers at one end of the 20m square with a ball Five defenders guard the boxes The attackers can run and pass in any direction The attackers have 30 seconds to score as many... MORE

Rough diamonds

in Attack, Other, Rugby drills

A rough diamond shape with the ball carrier at the front means that he can offload or go into contact with confidence. Get your players used to picking up this shape to enhance continuity. ACTIVITY Four attackers come around the corner Three ruck-pad holders fill a gap between the ruck pad on the ground and... MORE

Sharp attack

in Attack, Rugby drills

Work on quick attacking skills in a short but wide area. Despite the short distance to the try line, the attacking team will need to put pace onto the ball to score more often. Four defenders start on the try line and come forward once the ball carrier enters the 5m zone Six attackers start... MORE


in Attack, Rugby drills

You don’t need tactics to win a match when all you have to do is get into position to score. Just use this simple activity to work on quick realignment and the tries will follow… The end player puts the ball on the corner cone The players then realign to play back the other way,... MORE

Cat and mouse

in Attack, Mini tag

Keep your ball carriers in the field of play as they try to beat the defenders. ACTIVITY Line up the mice at one end of the box Have two cats ready to go. They take it in turns to come forward The mice are not allowed into the traps. If they do, they swap with... MORE

Maverick and the Goose

in Attack, Mini tag

The attacking player needs to beat the defender. If they can’t, they can pass the ball to their support player. This activity works on evasive skills, creating space, support and continuity. Maverick and the Goose start in the middle of first two boxes Each defender waits 2m inside their box Maverick (ball carrier) runs into... MORE

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