Rugby attack patterns are used to get your players to make the most of the attacking opportunities that come their way during a game. In these attacking drills I look at ways to create chances for your attackers, rugby games that will sharpen their reactions near the try line, and tips on how to coach your attackers to be try-machines.

Slide pass 2

Slide pass

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The “slide pass” has been used to good effect recently by a number of international teams. It is a flat pass to a player who is drifting outside his defender. Introducing the move also lets your team practise some good basic passing and running skills. MORE

Play from the scrum

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Use this activity to develop your players’ understanding of their roles and responsibilities from a scrum. You could use this against a scrum machine as well. MORE

Six Nations’ Lessons: Wales classic multiple 2 v 1...

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Wales scored a magnificent try against England, executing FOUR "2 v 1" situations in quick succession to score a try that started inside their own 22m area. Two attackers against one defender is a classic decision-making training scenario. There are lots of different ways to set it up. Here are four activities which ensure that there are plenty of variations to keep the players focused on using accurate skills under pressure. MORE

Off the ball and ready to attack – activities...

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Every player who's not carrying the ball in attack needs to think about how they can be effective "off the ball". In simple terms, it means realigning to receive the next pass, or the pass after. However, in the chaos of a game, players who are not close to the ball will find it harder to do things like "hold their width" or "maintain their depth". Lots of jargon already, which can be difficult to comprehend for more novice players, let alone more experienced players trying to be more effective. MORE

Regain and score 2

Regain and score

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Winning turnover ball is the goal for the defence, but the ability to attack decisively from it is the ultimate objective. So players need to be aware of how to attack with turnover ball, as well as how to win it. MORE

Inside tracking 3

Inside tracking

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Against an organised defence the chances to break the line with a pass are reduced. However, by drifting out and then passing back in the ball carrier can create an opportunity, because defenders often become lazy and don’t cover the inside pass. The skill comes from the receiver “tracking” inside the passer, following his drift. MORE

2 v 1s reloads

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Use this continuous 2 v 1 exercise to keep the players thinking and adjusting with slightly different scenarios each time. It will also help develop communication. No 2 v 1 situation is the same, so why train specific situations when you can continually mix it up with this activity. MORE

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