Rugby attack patterns are used to get your players to make the most of the attacking opportunities that come their way during a game. In these attacking drills I look at ways to create chances for your attackers, rugby games that will sharpen their reactions near the try line, and tips on how to coach your attackers to be try-machines.

How to improve going forward and supporting 2


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Players love simple targets. Not just simple targets to achieve, but simple targets to understand like moving the ball from one end of a box to another. That’s why they will enjoy “blast”. It works on the ball carrier and his support making progress up the field whilst a defender attempts to prevent their progress. This expands into a match situation where the “blast” might be used. MORE

Buster ball from quick rucks

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When you dent their line and win a quick ruck, it pays to have a play in your locker to make a decisive break while they’re recovering their shape. Have your 9 run off the forwards with this “loop and give”. MORE

Find the line to realign

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Unless it’s from set-piece possession, most of the ball passed out to the backs comes from a dynamic situation. So work on your players’ pace onto the ball from different positions. MORE

Call the play and support

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Sometimes an attacker behind the front line can spot a mismatch in the defence. If he calls it, the ball carrier should have the confidence to go for the gap and offload the ball if he’s tackle. Sometimes things happen so fast in open play that the 10 can’t call the next play. But others... MORE

How to improve support play 2

Solid support

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Often, the ball carrier’s closest support comes from the player who has just passed the ball, or the player who might next receive it. Neither are particularly well placed to support from depth, so this session helps them move into positions to provide the most effective help in the contact area. MORE

Drive, recycle, support

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There’s no point fixing defenders unless the support is there to take the pass. So use this drill to help players draw and pass after they’ve won a ruck – it will teach them to get back into the game quickly. This activity will develop your players’ match-time appreciation as they get back into the... MORE

A bolt from the blue

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Blocker plays like this one doesn’t have to be the preserve of international teams. It’s easy to set up and practise, so use this decoy activity to confuse the opposition and engineer an overlap out wide. MORE

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