Rugby attack patterns are used to get your players to make the most of the attacking opportunities that come their way during a game. In these attacking drills I look at ways to create chances for your attackers, rugby games that will sharpen their reactions near the try line, and tips on how to coach your attackers to be try-machines.

Hard and fast with the miss pass

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A hard and fast flat miss pass can cut out defenders before they have a chance to change their running angles. It can lead to clean breaks as your attackers exploit the gaps. By scanning the line and hitting the ball at an angle towards a space, the ball carrier is going to be almost impossible to stop. MORE

Improve support by increasing individual skills

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Tom Brocklebank , Leicester Tigers junior academy coach, suggests that teams lose the ball at the breakdown because players don't look after the ball. Use competitive activities with consequences to improve their contact skills. MORE

How to go forward from the lineout 2

Go forward from the lineout

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The session looks at running and support lines from the back of the lineout. There is a run up of around 10-15m for the ball carrier before he meets the lineout defence and support players arriving from the side. Both attack and defence need to consider how to cover this space effectively to create or prevent breaks and quick ball. MORE

Dirty little secrets of support play

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We all think of a lovely diamond shape of support. A ball carrier at the front, two supporters on either side to take a short pass and a player behind to support in contact. That is the ideal shape for support but the reality is different because unless you are running a set piece move... MORE

How to coach the disco technique 1


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This is a decision-making exercise I used with Ospreys U16s. To be successful, the attack must scan the defence and then adjust their pace and depth. Using the “disco” effect (different coloured cones replicating the different coloured lights) you can determine the shape of the defence, forcing the attack to take quick and effective passing and running options. It also works defenders, who have to reconnect after being pushed out of position. MORE

Coaching to drive to the edge 2

Driving to the edges

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Work on attacking the edges of the ruck defence. That means not attacking next to the ruck, but the area often less well-defended with two players out to the side of it. The ball carrier goes into contact with close support, with a view to driving in, down and then providing quick ball for the 9 to clear. MORE

Game context 2v1s

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Put your players into more realistic scenarios so they can test their skills in the same circumstances as they would in the game. It’s also a good test for the defenders too. By shifting the defenders’ start points and making the attack line up depending on where the defender goes, the 2v1 becomes more match-like. The defender can also decide whether to rush up or hold his ground to force other decisions. MORE

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