Rugby attack patterns are used to get your players to make the most of the attacking opportunities that come their way during a game. In these attacking drills I look at ways to create chances for your attackers, rugby games that will sharpen their reactions near the try line, and tips on how to coach your attackers to be try-machines.

How to follow the pass 2

Following the pass

in Attack, Passing & Handling, Practice plans

The natural reaction of a good player must be that once he passes the ball, he follows the ball. If he can then get outside the player who he passed to, he creates an extra man in attack. Otherwise he is in a good position to support if the receiver goes into contact. This session looks at using the loop to create this extra support player. MORE

Counter attack Ts and Cs

in Attack, Rugby drills, Small-sided games

Improve your players’ understanding of their roles to make sure you can retrieve kicks and attack space when in possession. Play with your Terms and Conditions, not the kicking teams’. When a team kicks into space, the defending team needs to communicate and fan out so it can run back at spaces. MORE

Change your 2 v 1 expectations for young players

in Attack, Rugby drills

The classic 2 v 1 exercise doesn’t work well with young players. Don’t give up on it though. Try out these ideas to work on this crucial decision-making area of the game. A 2 v 1 exercise has the ball carrier fixing the defender before passing to a support player. However, for young players, this doesn’t work well. MORE

How to score horizontally 2

Horizontal scoring

in Attack, Practice plans

This session works on players scoring tries in the corner by diving for the line. It is not just for wingers, since forwards can find themselves in a similar position, for example if the ball comes from a blindside move following a breakdown. Think about how your players dive for the line, and what works best for them. MORE

How to attack the space 2

Attack the space

in Attack, Practice plans

A try from a passing movement requires your players to make the best decisions given the state of the defence in front of them. This session helps the attack to force the defence out of position and so make these decisions easier. MORE

Support with depth

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Encourage support players to keep their depth and width, and get onto the end of a pass from the ball carrier either pre or post contact/tackle. If support players can learn the body language and intentions of their teammates, they can anticipate the best lines to take. MORE

Supporting the break

in Attack, Return to play, Rugby drills

Develop how the support player tracks the ball carrier so he can be ready to take a pass or help the ball carrier should he be tackled. Reading the movements of the ball carrier means the support player can find themselves in the best positions to receive the next pass. MORE

Core skills for 3 v 2s

in Attack, Return to play, Rugby drills

Help develop good passing and running line habits so players can execute 3 v 2s in all sorts of game scenarios. The session builds from technique through to skill activation. To hold defenders, attackers must run straight and pass hard. Simple techniques which need honing week-in, week-out. MORE

Create 2 v 1s from nothing

in Attack, Rugby drills

Help the ball carrier attract defenders and execute 2 v 1s. The player runs out, then in, then out, in an S-shape to draw one if not two defenders. The S-shape run pushes and pulls defenders out of position. By fixing the defender and then running at the gap between the defenders, it will force a defender out of the line and potentially create a gap MORE

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