Team Management

These articles look at issues coaches face away from actually playing the game. Players and teams need to well-managed. Disruptive players need to be dealt with in a certain way, you have responsibilities towards the opposition, the league, the referee and the parents. These articles highlight some of the major problems you will face in team management and they offer great advice on how to deal with them.

5 teen bullying myths

in Team Management

Bullying can equally come from a coach, especially when coaching a youth team. Tough coaching might be just bullying. Let’s look at the myths still being disseminated about bullying with young people. By Dr Jennifer Fraser Tough coaching can be confused with motivation. However, it can also become emotional abuse. Bullying can be hard to detect... MORE

6 ways to deal with big egos

in Rugby coaching, Team Management

We all have players who think they know it all or are better than they are. Confidence is not a bad thing, but how we deal with it is crucial. Our guide shows you the best way of making sure egos don’t rule your team. There are two things you must not do when dealing... MORE

Create winners – keep scores for everything

in Rugby coaching, Team Management

Why not make winning the centre of your coaching philosophy this season? Forget the politically correct nonsense of “development before winning” by focusing on what I call “coach-wins”. Turn every aspect of the game into a competition to improve your squad’s all-round skills and winning mentality. These can be opposed or unopposed but scores should... MORE

Become a better skills coach

Become a better skills coach

in Team Management, Tips

A skills coach works with individuals in order to improve technique. With the focus on just a few players this increases the depth of understanding and transfers it to the pitch.   Here are 5 ways you can step up your skills coaching:   1. Work to a template Whether you are looking at defence,... MORE

7 ways to deal with criticism

in Rugby coaching, Team Management

Having holes picked in your coaching is not always easy to take, be it well meaning or not. Here is a seven-point plan to help deal with words you might not agree with. By Dan Cottrell It is sometimes said that criticism is “prejudice given plausibility”. In other words, people who don’t know what they... MORE

On the run feedback

in Passing & Handling, Rugby coaching, Team Management, Tips

Former Wallabies assistant coach Nick Scrivener tells us how he hones the skills of his players and how you can sharpen your own squad’s handling skills. He’s keen to keep the flow of training going, so he gives his feedback “on the run”. CREATE FLOW When I set up activities, I want them to flow.... MORE

7 things that make a great coach

in Team Management, Tips

The best coaches make it their job to do certain things all the time. Learn from the best by following their 7 key habits 1. Honesty You want your players to trust you. When it comes to the tough decisions, especially in terms of selection, you should be honest about the reasons for what you... MORE

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