Safe and sound coaching

Coach in a safe environment by following these actions.

Before every session

Before you start the session, even before the players arrive, you will need to check the following at the venue:

  • Is the coaching area suitable for your sessions: Pitch check before you start for broken glass, dog muck etc.
  • Is the area fenced in? If players are very young, can they wander off while your attention is elsewhere?
  • Are you sharing the area with other members of the public than your own club members?
  • Drop off and pick up points: do parents have to stay or can they drop and go. Think, roads to cross or safe inside car park?

Do this before the session starts, because once you get going, you won’t be able to focus on these aspects. This is an ideal task for the team manager.

Your peace of mind

Every player should be signed in. That means you have all the relevant contact and medical details. Your CLUB is responsible for giving you the right guidance on this, and a “safeguarding” officer should speak to you.

Do you know who that person is? Have you spoken to them? If not, then you must before you start coaching.

Anticipate problems

Discuss and clarify the following points:

If there’s an injury, who deals with it? If it’s serious, what happens next?

If you are taken away from training for some reason, what happens next?

Child safeguards

Your club must speak to you about coaching children. They will guide you on the correct checks to take and the procedures. Don’t coach until you are clear on their policies.

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