Coach dominant tackling for all ages | Games, activities, techniques and tactics

With the start of the Six Nations smashing its way onto UK terrestrial TV over the weekend, many coaches and players were able to watch how defences dominated much of the play. While you won’t have the time or professional resources to replicate these defences, you can certainly create more chances for dominant tackles, no matter what age you coach.

Here are games, activities, techniques and tactics drawn from our extensive range of defence resources on the site.

First, I like to start with a game to give the players a sense of where the tackles can be made. That, crucially, gives them a context in their own mind. Try out ABvC training game to create a strong dominant tackle system. It’s adaptable for all ages.

One of the original defensive gurus is World Cup winning coach, Phil Larder. He helped England to victory in 2003 and his activities are as relevant today as they have always been. See why in the VIDEO: Phil Larder’s multiple line defence drill.

New players to tackling can also make strong tackles. Though not all youngsters will be ready to tackle hard, if they can operate as a team in defence, they will be more effective. Use Double up in defence so they can work together in pairs from our EasiCoach curriculum.

Finally, for older players, introduce them the techniques of making a double tackle so they can be confident to drive back the ball carrier. Pull this together in Two players tackle one ball carrier.

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