At home YOUTUBE star coaches and their ideas

We’ve curated a collection of some of the latest YouTube coaching at home stars.



A passing primer, working on good techniques. Needs two people, but can be done parent and kid easily enough (if parent has good knees).

In French, but you will get the idea pretty soon. Some fun tricks to work on coordination and handling, and this can be done solo.

One of world’s best from the women’s game, Kendra Cocksedge gives us a very good idea for solo ball work which can be indoors or out.

Innovative ideas for offloading using a wall, ball and a partner.

One for all ages. Turn and catch works on both catching and passing.

Individual handling skills. Can do these indoors and outdoors and with a rugby or a football.

Touch and feel solo handling skills (I counted five on this). Great to use in a warm up before other activities.

Slightly harder handling skills, using one hand catch and pass and spin passing. Concentrates on finger tip control.

Some scrum half (clearing passing) ideas. Needs to two players, but any shaped ball works.

More French to work on. Good for MFL lessons. Lots of movement, need at least two people, perhaps even three.



Grubber kicking contest. 1 v 1 with two balls.

Kicking skills, working on the detail in a small area – so not flying balls in the neighbours’ gardens.

Basic kicking skills, with a focus on good technique. Ideal for one player.

More from the Cambridge guys, this time on drop kicks. Good technical knowledge to build for the up coming season.



Not from the back garden, but you will get the idea! Good for body shape, upper body, and reactions.

Mix up your running exercises with these simple ideas. Easily done as a solo exercise.

Fun “shapes” for developing good body positions. Love the animal themes!

Developing a stronger body shape, with a partner offering resistance to unbalance the player. Also introduces a broom. Good reminders of techniques throughout and an excellent summary at the end.

This one’s in German. However, it’s pretty clear what you have to do, and it’s an interesting take on the bear crawl.


I certainly can’t do this one – my kids are as big as me and I’m very old. However, might be one for younger coaches.

I like this one – a bit like a version of spoof. Handling “concentration” with only one dummy allowed.

Another spoof game! Looks fun.

Fun and good working on the best body positions for contact. Can be done indoors and just needs a ball and one player.

Kendra Cocksedge gives us a challenge that we can all try out.

Mad game of bomb!

Target games for the back garden, with the world’s most enthusiastic dad.

Not sure if everyone has this equipment, but the invention is amazing!

A French flavour…with kicking, bear crawling and then accurate passing. Slight variations on previous drills, so great to build up different ways to train the same skill.

How to train in a small space and use a bag of rice as a ball. Evasive skills include avoiding a very large dog.

Literally at home, and no rugby balls required. Do remember coins? We had them in the old days to pay for stuff. You just need one of those.

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