Becoming a skilful games’ coach

Here’s that list of what a skilful coach needs again:

Confidence – Planning – Adaptability – Flexibility – Keen observation – Analysis – Feedback

Of the three that you thought were most important? Are they skills you do well, or could do better?

Also, did you ponder what each “need” or coaching skill meant?

Of course, you will recognise that all these skills are important. And done well, skilful coaching through games will accelerate learning in players. It improves skills, decision making and game understanding. Crucially, it will be an immensely enjoyable experience for you and your players.

But, beware. Just because it’s a game doesn’t mean it is automatically interesting.

Bad games coaching can turn players off rugby. In the long run, players are motivated by sensing they are improving, not just because they are playing games.

So, unless you know HOW to coach through games, you are missing out on the excellent learning outcomes and potentially losing numbers from the game.

My guide is about the HOW and WHAT of coaching through games.

I want to challenge you, just I have been challenged throughout my 40 years of coaching. It’s a journey through my experiences, learning from my successes and from what went wrong.

Don’t expect the traditional coaching approach…well, not all the time. Coaching through games has many twists and turns. Like learning, it is a non-linear experience.

Sometimes things build or knit together. Sometimes, they will unravel and you feel you’ve moved backwards. That’s good. Unlearn, relearn and get stronger.

Let’s get started with my approach to your approach.

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