Activities for U5 players

Coaching rugby U5s!?

You just need to give these kids some space to race around, with a ball in their hands.

Use lots of obstacle courses, races with the ball and don’t spend too much time talking.

Below are some games which have a few rules and give the players a little more structure.

Above all, have fun, spend no more than 30 minutes playing and then go home.

Shadow Buster - part 1

Shadow Buster

in Fun rugby games, Small-sided games

The Rules Set up a large playing square. Ask the players to pair up. In each pair, one player leads and the other follows (the “shadow”). The lead player has to lose their shadow. After several seconds call “STOP” and see who has managed to lose their shadow. Then swap the pairs around. Set Up... MORE

Zombie Chief - part 1

Zombie Chief

in Fun rugby games, Small-sided games

The Rules Chose one (or two) player(s) to be the Zombie Chief(s). They stand in the middle of the playing area. Divide the rest of the players into four groups, with one group spread along each side of the playing area. On your signal, the players have to run through the playing area and get... MORE

Tiger tails - part 1

Tiger Tails

in Fun rugby games, Small-sided games

Each tiger has a tag belt or “tail” tucked into the back of their shorts. The tail must be visible so that other tigers can grab it. The tigers run around inside the playing area, collecting each other’s tails by pulling them out of another tiger’s shorts. When a tiger collects a tail they add it to their own in their shorts. Other tigers can now collect how ever many tails they have. MORE

The shadow - part 1

The Shadow

in Fun rugby games, Small-sided games

The Rules Divide the players into groups of four. The groups jog around with the players following each other. They have to concentrate to avoid bumping into another group and into each other. The player at the front of each group holds a ball. The player behind is the “shadow”. You make a call of... MORE

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