Develop dominant ball carriers

in Rugby drills

When a ball carrier enters the tackle, we call that the contact collision. Ideally, they don’t take contact, but inevitably it will happen plenty of times in the game, and the more dominant your ball carrier is, the more likely your team will succeed in the next phase of the game. Win the contact collision... MORE

Win games with a strong defence

in Rugby drills

A great defensive effort can suck the energy from an attacking team. Especially in the latter stages of the game, when both sides are tired, a concerted push by a strong defence can break the opposition’s spirit. MORE

4 games for faster footwork

in Footwork and evasion

Quick footwork means more defenders beaten. Everyone can benefit from this, even your heaviest, slowest players! Even if they don’t slip past the tackle, they will still have more chance to dominate the contact situation and even offload the ball. MORE

Get your players to pass more

in Passing & Handling, Rugby drills

“Pass…pass….PASS!” Do you find yourself shouting these words more than you should? Too often, it’s aimed at just one or two players: ball hoggers. A ball hogger won’t pass. They run until they are tackled, eating up valuable time and space when other players are in better positions to move forward. MORE

Now’s the best time to start your sprint training

in Footwork and evasion

Every player should aim to get faster, and not just the backs. That’s why it’s always a good time to work on your team’s speed. In-season you will be maintain their fitness levels and giving them small adjustments to their style. Out-of-season and pre-season, it’s a chance to work on form and technique. MORE

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