Ruck essentials to create quick ball

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It’s easy for some coaches to say that rucks are “failures” and that you don’t need to coach them if your players avoid contact. They will still happen and, depending on the skills of the opposing defence, more often in some matches than others. You need to spend time each week working on your players’... MORE


in Rugby drills

The second principle of attacking rugby is go forward...scroll down to the bottom of this page to check you remember the first principle! So, let's focus on that. How do we encourage our players to keep travelling up the pitch towards the opposition try line? MORE

Improve support player awareness

in Rugby drills

Support play is one of the forgotten core skills in rugby, though it remains one of the core principles. A lot of it is around awareness. That is, awareness of the support player's proximity to the ball carrier, and what might happen next. The support player might need to be ready to take a short or long pass, win a contact situation or realign for the next pass. Use these activities to help players make better decisions when they know what's coming next, or anticipate what they may have to do. MORE

Help! We completely forgot how to tackle in our...

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Missed tackles, poor tackling, defensive gaps or just simply not ready to tackle? Why have your team forgotten to tackle? There's no doubt you will have practised tackling beforehand, but here are some different ways which will reinvigorate your team's defensive capability. This will nudge their tackling memories and remind them how to defend more effectively next week. MORE

Creative passing activities for better attacking play

in Rugby drills

Don’t get bogged down in boring passing lines – just running up and down the pitch passing won’t add much excitement to your training and certainly won’t engage the players. That doesn’t mean ignoring the basics of good passing. So, let’s see what we can do a bit differently. Start your session off with this... MORE

Simple mini-tag games to start your season (PS, great...

in Rugby drills

Got a great bunch of kids for the start of the season and need some ideas to get you going? First, if you’ve not coached young players, you need to know what to expect. Well… it’s great fun if you love chaos, but if you want ordered training, then you might be disappointed! Start by... MORE

Are you ready for match day?

in Rugby drills

With your first match of the season just around the corner, is your team tactically and mentally prepared? Here are some guidelines for your final planning and approach to ensure your team make the most of your pre-season training. MORE

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