Attacking round the corner

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Practise creating and exploiting try-scoring opportunities by using this attacking drill on a regular basis. Your players will need to work hard to get round the corner of breakdowns. Replicate this scenario in a match and you’ll stretch the opposition defence until they run out of numbers. It’s also a great fitness workout. Line players... MORE

ASK DAN: Activities to make us more clinical in...

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A question from a coach who works in senior rugby. On Sunday we were in control of the match (15 to 3) at the end of the first half. Unfortunately we lost 15-21. The main point according to what we have seen, was the lack of patience and skill in maintaining possession and instead a... MORE

The interceptor

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They can lift or break a team’s spirit – such is the power of an interception try. This exercise develops defensive and attacking decision making as outside backs look to intercept the ball as it’s passed wide. MORE

Tactics for November rugby

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When the weather changes, so must our tactics. Generally, whatever part of the world you are in, as the season progresses, the weather does get wetter and colder. Pitches become muddier and the ball more slippery. You and your players need to adjust tactics. MORE

6 tactics for wet weather rugby

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It’s not brave to try expansive rugby in foul conditions, just foolish. That’s why the most successful teams like to keep things simple when the rain comes down. What can we learn from them? MORE

Attacking in the wet

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Practise attacking plays for wet weather so that your players are prepared for rainy match days. Use these two simple plans to attack space and pressurise the opposition in the middle to last third of the pitch. MORE

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