The ultimate pick and go

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Use this pick and go from a lineout play into the midfield to create a soft seam to run your forwards at. By driving opponents at the ruck in and back against the grain, it opens up the field to allow your forwards to continually pick and go at the backs. MORE


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The second principle of attacking rugby is go forward...scroll down to the bottom of this page to check you remember the first principle! So, let's focus on that. How do we encourage our players to keep travelling up the pitch towards the opposition try line? MORE

Inside pass support lines

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The inside pass is an effective weapon against a sliding defence. The receiver hits a flat pass and a gap in the defensive line to break through. This activity finishes the break with a try. Initially work on an inside pass against a sliding defence, with three attackers and two defenders. The player taking the... MORE

Two lines of attack

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Using this simple movement of your blindside winger and full back, you either attack at the tackle line or behind it, depending on the movement of their defence. So, create a simple attack with two lines of runners. Either attack on the “tackle line” with the 12 passing in or out to the players coming from behind. Against a quick defence, 10 passes deep to the second line. MORE

What are tactics?

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The word “tactics” is used so often that we tend to forget what it means and in the end, we confuse players. Know your tactics by knowing the true meaning of the word. MORE

Clever reload move from a lineout to attack the...

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Bring your quick winger into the game by hiding him at the back of a ruck and then unleashing him down the blindside. Run a play into the midfield from a scrum or lineout. Put your winger behind the ruck and then, as you go back blind, pass to him behind the forwards. The opposition winger will be marking too many options. MORE

Slow ball: Prepare for it then use it wisely

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You must train for “slow ball” and need to know where it comes from to make sure players know what to do to get into the best positions possible. Your team then needs to have several slow ball tactics to regain momentum. Tom Billups, coach at University of California, Berkeley and former US Eagles coach,... MORE

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