Learn to play north to south

Multiple pass movements in wet weather are hazardous. Use this activity to focus on the pre-contact footwork and techniques required to gain ground in matches where width may not be possible.

Work on the key techniques to keep the ball alive in wet weather. Keeping close in groups of three means the ball will travel more north-south – up and down the pitch – than east-west.

  1. Across the 22m line, place ruck pads about 10m apart. Between the pads, put a red cone 0.5m from the pad and a yellow cone 5m away.
  2. Have the players start at one side in two groups of three with a ball and a 9.

  1. If you call “yellow”, the other three players stand away from the pad and take a pass from the 9 before attacking the yellow cone.
  2. If you call “red”, the first three players pick the ball up and drive over the red cone.

  1. Once completed, the first group moves to the next pad.
  2. Another six players and a 9 go to the pad just used and both groups go on your next call.


  1. Develop by removing the pads and instead putting in defenders holding pads.
  2. Stand behind the defence with a yellow and a red cone.
  3. Once each group is set, hold up a cone to challenge the players to react quickly to what they see (as they have to do in a match).
  4. The defence has to stop them gaining 5m.


  • Leg drive into contact.
  • Drive over the ball when clearing defenders.
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