The ultimate pick and go

Use this pick and go from a lineout play into the midfield to create a soft seam to run your forwards at. By driving opponents at the ruck in and back against the grain, it opens up the field to allow your forwards to continually pick and go at the backs.

  1. Group the forwards in threes either side of a tackle tube.
  2. Have a 9 pass the ball to a centre (C).

  1. C attacks a pair of ruck pads and goes to ground – the other ruck pad holders come across to mark the open side.
  2. The first two forwards to the contact area clear the pads but from out to in. The next player picks up the ball and “keeps on going “ by running tight into the space at the far edge of the ruck.

  1. Players 1 and 2 clear from OUT to IN with L-shaped runs, allowing 3 a clear run to the outside.
  2. In the meantime, the other forwards and two other ruck pad holders have arrived.

  1. The ball carrier goes into the next set of ruck pads, with the next pair of forwards clearing from out to in.
  2. The last forward picks up the ball.
  3. You can continue to run this for another phase or the forward can link with the 9.
  4. Practise from both sides of the field.

  1. 4 and 5 clear from OUT to IN, allowing 6 a clear run to the outside


  •  L-shaped run before arriving at the ruck pads.
  • Drive the ruck pads back against the grain – good leg drive.
  • Clear placement to make sure it is easy to pick and go.
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