Two lines of attack

Using this simple movement of your blindside winger and full back, you either attack at the tackle line or behind it, depending on the movement of their defence. So, create a simple attack with two lines of runners. Either attack on the “tackle line” with the 12 passing in or out to the players coming from behind. Against a quick defence, 10 passes deep to the second line.

  1. Set up an attacking back line from a scrum
  2. Put in at least three defenders
  3. Put a blindside winger and full back behind the front line of attackers
  4. The tackle line is where the defenders will meet the attackers

  1. If the defender opposite 13 steps in, 12 can miss pass to 13
  2. Have 10 take the ball close to the tackle line and pass to 12 who goes to the tackle line before passing in or out to 14 or 15

  1. Practise playing deeper if the defensive line comes up very fast
  2. 10 calls early for a deep play and the ball is passed to 14 and then 15 to go wide
  3. 12 and 13 run up as if they are going to take a flat pass but must not make contact with their opposite numbers


  • Full back and blindside winger create a secondary back line but close in fast as the front three approaches the tackle line.
  • Fly half looks for where space is created as the defence moves – or doesn’t.


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