Attack the outside edge

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If their open-side wing holds back for the kick, he’s often detached from his outside centre. Use this session to fix the centre and give your wing a good chance to beat his opposite number. MORE

Attack the inside edge

in Attack, Tactics

When the 9 runs, it creates an extra player in the line. So exploit that to create gaps between the opposition 10 and open-side flanker at the scrum. This play should be used from a left-side scrum. MORE

Play the turnover game

in Attack, Small-sided games

Turning defence into attack effectively needs quick thinking – not only to pass to space but to realign to ensure that space can be exploited. Use this game to recreate the chaos of a turnover. It improves a team’s reaction to turnover ball in defensive and attacking situations. Play 8 v 8 touch rugby where... MORE

How to score the best try of 2018 |...

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The Sky Sports try of 2018 was scored by Jersey Reds in their English Championship game against London Irish. Their attack coach Ed Robinson gave me some amazing insights into how the try was crafted, including nuggets you probably won't pick up from just watching the clip. MORE

Rehearse your blocker lines

in Attack, Rugby drills

Encourage players to run penetrating lines in this attack session. Effective blocker lines require lots of practice and will help players make the right passing choice depending on how a defence reacts. MORE

John Mitchell on creating quicker ruck ball

in Attack, Rucking & Mauling, Tactics

It is not the “clean” but the ball placement, and what goes before, that is the most important skill to work on in the ruck. Accuracy before and into the contact area and great execution are more important than “emotional” rucking. FOCUS Excellent ball placement comes from ball freedom. The supporting players must know their... MORE

Time to indulge again – because it’s February

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January sees many people decide to give up guilty pleasures as part of their soul-cleansing New Year’s resolutions. For instance, “For January, no ABCs” – that is, no alcohol, biscuits and chocolate. I’m afraid I didn’t manage that. March brings the start of Lent and thus time, according to the secular soothsayers, to give up... MORE

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