Get deep! Get deep!

in Attack

“Get deep!” is a common call to get the backline to be in a position to run onto the ball. One way is to ask the players whether they can see the number on the back of the inside player. How can you create better scenarios though? You can create scenarios where the players must run into position and then react. That’s because the game is dynamic – rucks and/or mauls happen at different speeds.  MORE

Space race

in Attack, Small-sided games

Players must win the race to the best space when attacking. In defence, players must work early, scan early and look to close space to force errors. Attackers seek space, defenders take it away. This is also true over the ball. Run this game over a series of sessions to gain the most benefit as the players develop their understanding of the tactical implications. MORE

Help 10 learn to control

in Attack

How do you put your 10 in the right situations in training to allow them to feed their team mates at the right times with the right sorts of passes and plays? The player who wears 10 is called variously, stand-off, fly-half, pivot, first five-eighth, as well as few less complimentary terms when they drop the ball or kick poorly. MORE

3 ways to feed the wingers

in Attack, Tactics

Your wingers want the ball but it seems to get trapped with the centres. There are three reasons for this other than greedy players or the defence coming up fast and even sometimes offside. MORE

Effectiveness rules

in Attack, Rugby coaching

While clever plays, fast defences and sheer guts will feature highly in the up-coming bruising Six Nations tournament, effectiveness in the tackle area and handling will make a massive difference, a difference you can replicate with your teams. MORE

Attack from a standing start

in Attack, Rugby drills

Sometimes your players will receive the ball standing still. It’s not ideal, but it happens and perhaps for a good reason too. Prepare your players to come up with ways to create go forward from a standing start when faced with an organised defence. MORE

Slice and block

in Attack, Rugby drills

Break down an organised defence, by focusing on the space outside their 10. Here are two plays which are easy to set up, but require a good level of skill to run the right lines and time those runs. The angles should give your team a chance to get over the tackle line, if not break the line. MORE

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