Defensive line speed for an under 9s team

in Defence, Tactics

Line speed, that is the defensive coming forward quickly and in an organised state, certainly puts pressure on the attack. However, it’s notoriously tough to coach, even at the senior level. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t start putting in place some organisation. Here are some ideas to work with. MORE

Reboot or kick out: Round the corner

in Attack, Tactics

Attacking the same way from each ruck, you set up an easy attacking pattern to work with. But does this become easy to defend too? Is it time to rethink this tactic? Lots of teams default to a “round the corner” pattern of play, which is easy for forwards to work to and gives the sense of a plan. But it’s becoming also increasingly easy to defend and reduces attacking threats and efficiency. MORE

Start to reward good defence for better defence

in Defence

Defence has traditionally centred around the objective of winning the ball back. Which is absolutely the point but, by only focusing on or rewarding a player or team for doing that we can overlook or miss so many positive bits of play that count as good defence. MORE

Jumble up defences with your kicking game

in Kicking, Tactics

Kicking tactics have changed. With more players in the backfield covering kicks, you now need to savvier with your kicking game. A kicking game is still a key way to jumble up defences. However, defences are staying out of rucks and spreading across the field, thus allowing more players in the backfield. With more players behind the first line of defence, there is less space to kick to. These two factors have meant that kicking has to be more accurate. We cannot get away with kicking the ball long without an excellent chase. We have to think about where we are kicking. MORE

Expert principles of defence

in Defence, Tactics

You need to be flexible in your approach to backline defence and suit the strengths of the team you coach. But there are principles you need to keep to be effective in the modern game. COACH THE TEAM, NOT THE SYSTEM I have coached a number of different teams and I think it is important... MORE

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