Zombie Chief

The Rules

Chose one (or two) player(s) to be the Zombie Chief(s). They stand in the middle of the playing area.

Divide the rest of the players into four groups, with one group spread along each side of the playing area. On your signal, the players have to run through the playing area and get to the opposite side without being caught by the Zombie Chief.

If caught (touched or tagged), a player becomes a “zombie slave”. They can “capture” other players (who similarly become zombie slaves), but they cannot move from the spot where they were caught. Only the Zombie Chief can move.

Set Up

Area: 40m x 30m or small gym/games hall.
Equipment: Bibs (if available), tag belts (if used).
Players: Up to a class or squad size.


  • 1 point to the Zombie Chief for each zombie slave created.

What to Call Out

  • “Look for space and move into it”
  • “Take short steps when changing direction”
  • “Keep your head up to see what’s going on”
  • “Use fast feet”

Coaching Tips

If possible, make sure every player gets a chance to be the Zombie Chief.


Fun mini rugby games for 5 to 8 year olds

Zombie Chief - part 1

The Zombie Chief wants new zombie slaves.

Zombie Chief - part 2

The players run across the square avoiding being made into a slave.

Zombie Chief - part 3

Zombie slaves stand still to capture new victims.

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