Video: Triangle attack touch

Challenge your players to realign quickly in attack and defence with this touch game played inside a modified pitch in the shape of a triangle. By Dave Beal, experienced grassroots coach, founder and director of DB12 Foundation



  1. Each side of the triangle has a line of coloured cones
  2. Two teams of up to six line up alternately on one side of the triangle
  3. Throw a ball to one player near the end of the line and call a colour to attack


  1. The ball carrier must run to the middle triangle first and then pass
  2. The non-ball carrying attackers move into support the ball carrier
  3. The defenders run around to defend to the nominated try line
  4. The attack has six touch-tackles in which to score


Handling and decision making


  • Put two teams of up to six on one line of the triangle. Stand in the centre triangle with a ball.
  • Throw the ball to any one of the players near the end of the line. He has to run to the centre triangle before passing or running.
  • In the meantime, shout out which try line his team have to attack. The group realigns to support him.
  • The defenders spread out and cannot touch the ball carrier until he leaves the middle triangle.
  • When the ball carrier is touched he has to pass. The attack finishes when there’s a dropped ball, knock-on and forward pass, the ball goes out of the triangle or the defence make more than five touch tackles.
  • After each attempt, both groups return to one of the try lines to start again.
  • Modify by asking the attacker to pass immediately he reaches the centre triangle.


Players need to keep realigning to avoid forward passes and to come onto the ball at pace. But, initially, while the players get used to the different playing area, be lenient until they understand where the try lines are.


  • Call for the ball when you are in good position to come forward.
  • Use the whole width – support players get wide.
  • Create a line in defence to come forward.


  • Play the triangle attack game and then move into a 30m box with the same numbers. Have four different coloured try lines.
  • Have two teams spread around the box. Throw the ball to one of the players in the teams and shout out a try line colour to attack. Ideally he won’t be starting close to that try line.
  • Play six touches and normal touch rules as above.
  • Modify further by playing two touches, and then the next play is full tackling, with offloading but no rucks. If a player is tackled and fails to offload the ball, then you restart the game. This encourages players to attack space and draw defenders.

This video was originally shot in 2015. Dave Beal’s son, Danny, is one of the most vocal players in the video, scoring the first try. Tragically, Danny died suddenly in 2017. Read more about Dave, his family, friends and his team came to terms with it here. This page is dedicated to promoting positive rugby in the spirit of the #DoingitforDanny

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