Support play adaptive games

Play games where there are 360 goal lines or multiple angles to score from, so every player in attack and defence has to be moving and communicating off-the-ball to help score or prevent scores.

Two towers

Set up

Two tackle tubes and one ball in a 30m by 17m box (inside 22m area and between the 15s).

How to play

> Split into two teams of no more than seven a side. Give one team the ball.

> To score, the ball has to touch an upright tube. It can either be kicked at the tube or touched onto the tube, but cannot be thrown at the tube.

> Players can run and pass in any direction.

> It’s full tackling and if a player goes to ground a player from the opposition can grab the ball from any direction.

> Players cannot push over a tube or push someone against tube.

> Turnover the ball if a player goes out of play.


> Have two balls and teams can score against any tube (probably needs two referees).

> Play with three teams and three tubes. Stop the game when a team scores.


Set up

Five 5m boxes inside a 30m area. Adjust according your players.

How to play

> Split into two teams. Give one team the ball.

> The ball team have one minute to score as many points as possible.

> To score a point, the ball team needs two players with a ball each inside one of the boxes.

> The defence can hold an attacker. They can also hold the ball onto the attacker for three seconds, but must then release them.

> Attacking team can run and pass in any direction.

> If the ball is knocked out of the box by a defender, throw another ball into an attacker.

> The defenders cannot tackle the ball carrier.


> Add another ball for the attackers.

> Allow kicking.

> Play over a massive area – great for fitness.

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