Square dancing

Teach your players to avoid contact with this simple game that works on weaving through “traffic” at pace, taking care to avoid bumping into other runners who are also looking to score.


A 20m circle with alternate coloured cones and a player on each cone. Have an equal number of coloured cones: e.g. 3 red, 3 green, 3 blue.

A 2m square inside the circle contains one ball for every player (picture 1).

The rules

On your call of “Go!”, players run into the square, grab a ball then touch a different cone of the same colour they started at with it. So a player who starts on blue runs through, picks up a ball and runs to another blue cone (picture 2).

Once every player has touched a cone, they run back into the square, put down the ball and pick up a different one. They then run to the final cone of their colour (picture 3).

Play for one minute. Have as many circles as players permit.


  • Players count how many cones they touched without bumping another player – with or without a ball – or dropping the ball.
  • Add the scores to find the winning colour on each circle. Add all scores together to find the overall winning colour.

Tell them

“Ball always in two hands”

“Constantly look left and right when in possession”

“See a space, run into it.”

Coaching tips

Often you have to run through “traffic” to get to a destination. This game allows players to practise running skills while protecting the ball and completing another task.


Square dancing-1 Square dancing-2 Square dancing-3

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