Rocket touch

Create a super-fast game of touch rugby which focuses on excellent ground contact skills, quick clear-the-ball techniques and then good realignment tactics. 

  1. Play two-handed touch rugby
  2. If touched, if the ball carrier is not in the act of passing, they have to go to ground and present the ball
  3. Only the tackler can compete for the ball

  1. If the tackler can touch the ball by going through the tackle gate, then it’s a turnover

  1. The attacking team has to find ways to clear the ball quickly, which might include rolling the ball away from the tackle area



Don’t lose the ball in the contact area by playing away from the body on the ground fast, and then away from the contact area quickly.


  • Play even sides, touch rugby.
  • On a two-handed touched, if the ball carrier cannot pass immediately, then they have to go to ground.
  • Once on the ground, the defender who made the touch is allowed to go for the ball. However, they must go through the tackle gate. Be extremely vigilant on this. If the defender can touch the ball, then it is a turnover.
  • The ball carrier can
  1. Place the ball.
  2. Hold the ball up.
  3. Roll the ball back.
  4. They cannot pop up the ball.
  • Play endless touches.


  • Instead of the tackler going for the ball, you stipulate that the ball must be played away within one or two seconds from when the ball is placed on the ground. In other words, pretty much immediately.


  • The ball carrier needs to get to the edges of a defender.
  • The ball carrier needs to be “go forward” after the touch, so they are moving forward as they land.
  • The next supporting player must pass the ball away very quickly. That requires them to be close and the next supporting players to realign quickly.
  • If you change the width of the pitch, you can create a different dynamic to the game. In a narrow area, the ball carrier might be touched by two defenders which gives the defenders more opportunities to go for the ball.
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