Return to play: Social distance crazy kick game

Use this kicking game to improve kicking, catching and tactical awareness, as well introduce some fatigue elements into training.

Tactically, using a variety of kicks, the aim is to find spaces where the defenders are not covering.

All your squad can benefit from this game. In-season, you can use this as a good warm-up session for your wingers and full-backs.

  1. Set up a 30m box, with a 10m scoring area at each end. Adjust the sizes to suit your players.
  2. Put two pairs of players in each box. One pair will play against another across the box.
  3. One team start with two balls.
  4. They aim to kick the ball into the 10m scoring area, either so it lands there on the full or bounces in from the 30m box.
  5. The other team aim to catch the ball or prevent it from going into the box.
  6. The receiving team kick the ball from where they catch it.
  7. If the ball goes out of play, then the kick is from that point. If it goes beyond the scoring zone, then they kick out of their own zone.


  • Catch the ball on the full = 1 point
  • Drop a ball = 1 point to the opposition
  • Bounce the ball directly into the scoring zone = 3 points
  • Bounce the ball before the scoring zone and then it bounces in the scoring zone = 2 points

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