“Raiders” game

In this fast-paced game, teams have to retain possession in a small area and then try to raid the opposition box. It will develop communication, footwork, defence and passing skills.

Moving and passing to players who are moving and passing needs communication and anticipation. With a “raider” putting the ball carrier under pressure, it increases the need for speedy decisions.

  1. Split into two teams of four, with each team inside one of the boxes.
  2. One group of four has a ball.
  3. When you say go, the other group send in one of their players (a raider) with the aim of touching a player in possession of the ball.
  4. The group with the ball use passing and footwork to avoid being touched in possession.
  5. The raider is not allowed to try to intercept the ball.
  6. The ball group score a point for keeping the ball for 15 seconds, and the raider scores two points for catching a ball carrier and one point for his side if the ball group drop the ball or the ball goes out of bounds.


  1. After each go, the ball goes into the other box and a raider goes in from the another group. Keep rotating until all the players have had a go at “raiding”.

  1. The “raider” ams to touch the ball carrier in possession to gain two points.
  2. Looped passes make it easier for the raider to get to the ball carrier.
  3. The raider aims to force the ball carrier into a corner.
  4. Encourage fast, hard passing to keep the raider further away from the receiver.


  • Pass hard and fast so the raider cannot close down the ball carrier.
  • Raider: stay balanced and try to force the ball carrier into a corner.
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