Play the turnover game

Turning defence into attack effectively needs quick thinking – not only to pass to space but to realign to ensure that space can be exploited. Use this game to recreate the chaos of a turnover.

It improves a team’s reaction to turnover ball in defensive and attacking situations.

  1. Play 8 v 8 touch rugby where a touched player can offload within 1 second or play the ball between his legs.
  2. There are limitless touches.
  3. Always start the game within one of the end zones.
  4. Kicking is allowed. You hold a ball.

  1. At any point, call a number like “plus one” or “plus two”.
  2. The carrier and nearest one or two attackers go onto one knee for 3 seconds (the ball is left on the ground).
  3. At the same time, throw your ball to a defender, who instantly presents the ball on the floor as if he has been tackled.

  1. The game continues for two phases – a phase is where a touched player can’t offload within 1 second so must put the ball through his legs.
  2. If the ball is turned over in the opposition third, the attack aims to score.
  3. If in their own third, they can try to score through running or a kick and chase, or kick into touch in the opposition third.
  4. Score a point for a try or successful clearance.
  5. Restart after each counter attempt.


  • Players at the back call for where to play the ball.
  • Realign quickly.
  • Two passes away from the turnover help create space.
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