Small-sided games


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A variation on piggy-in-the-middle with changing options as the game continues. Use a large die or just call out the numbers to change the constraints. MORE

Rocket touch

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Create a super-fast game of touch rugby which focuses on excellent ground contact skills, quick clear-the-ball techniques and then good realignment tactics. MORE


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Use this rugby version of the popular arcade game to work on evasive skills, decision making and deception. By Josh Barlow, RDO for the Isle of Wight PacMen start where they want Ghosts start by the balls and pick one up on the call “GO” On “GO”, players can run along any line Ghosts chase... MORE

Snakes and ladders scenario game

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Use this game to help players to decide about the risks and rewards for attacking and defending certain areas of the pitch. Success allows the attack up the ladder. Fail and slide down the snake. By Dan Cottrell Six attackers start on the 22m line and they can start anywhere along the line Six defenders... MORE

Physical handling games

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These two adaptive games are ideal warm-ups to more intensive training sessions. One looks for players to find catching solutions, the other is a simple maul contest – though there’s never anything simple about mauling. By Dan Cottrell GAME 1 Dive zone The blocker moves side to side in the middle 5m The two attackers... MORE

Multi-ball chaotic adaptive games

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These two adaptive games give the players a chance to use evasion and passing, depending on the shape of the defence and the amount of confusion caused by the mess created! By Dan Cottrell GAME 1 Two ball steal and score Put a 4 v 2 in each box, with the 4 trying to maintain... MORE

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