Small-sided games

Four Play-1

Four Play

in Small-sided games

This variation on two-handed touch rugby promotes moving the ball at speed. It’s a good exercise for developing game sense and awareness skills, as players need to be head up at all times, supporting team mates and looking for options. MORE

Spot The Pad 1

Spot The Pad

in Attack, Small-sided games

This is a game that encourages players to think about field position and attacking perceived weaknesses in the opposition’s defensive line. It also makes them aware of what they must do to protect any vulnerability in their own team. MORE

Support Drill-1

Support Drill

in Attack, Small-sided games

A decision-making game that examines your players’ ability to provide support to their team mates and challenges them to run lines that will penetrate the defence. MORE



in Passing & Handling, Small-sided games

This exercise is set up like a game of American Football, with a quarterback and a receiver, which makes for an entertaining way of practising the core skills of gripping, carrying and catching the ball. MORE

Hold The Line-1

Hold The Line

in Defence, Small-sided games

This hard-hitting game really tests out your players’ defensive skills, as it calls for good tackle technique, strong communication and effective defensive realignment. MORE

Name That Score-1

Name That Score

in Small-sided games

This can be a tough game, but it’s great for developing players’ communication skills, handling, vision and decision-making. It also requires them to maintain the focus and discipline required to take advantage of playing with a numerical superiority. MORE

Red Alert-1

Red Alert

in Defence, Small-sided games

This is a game that pressures defences into covering threats while requiring them to maintain a strong line. The defenders must be acutely aware of the danger posed by the man in the red bib, while the attackers must use him to their advantage. MORE

3 V 2 Dynamic-1

3 v 2 Dynamic

in Small-sided games

A decision making game that focuses on vision and communication, as well as highlighting the need of support players to provide width to the attack and not crowd the ball carrier. This game will also help your players put their core skills to the test at speed. MORE



in Small-sided games

This is a game that examines players’ ability to cope with a sudden move from attack to defence, or vice versa. It pressurises core skills and also highlights the importance of good communication between team mates. MORE

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