Obstacle course

Sometimes players will arrive to support an attack at different times. This game delays support by making players perform tasks, pick up a loose ball then use arriving team mates to beat defenders.

Set up

A 25x10m box with a try line at one end. A line of cones 5m from the try line with two defenders in the end zone.

A ball near the cones and four attackers waiting at the other end of the box. Four obstacles placed close to the players (picture 1):

  1. Crossed poles to run through.
  2. An agility ladder.
  3. A tackle shield to be passed round the body three times.
  4. A tackle tube to be flipped forward then back. Set up as many of these as equipment/players permit.

The rules

Number attackers 1 to 4 to correspond with an obstacle. On your call of “Go!” they deal with their obstacle (picture 2). The first player to the ball picks it up and looks for support. Defenders cannot cross the coned line (picture 3).


  • First team to score a try wins.
  • Time teams to find the fastest scorers.

Tell them

“Look left and right for support at all times.”

“Call for support on what you see in front of the ball carrier.”

Coaching tips

This works on retention skills and game vision in a realistic, dynamic, full contact environment.


Obstacle course-1 Obstacle course-2 Obstacle course-3

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