The Rules

This game is similar to “Hungry Cavemen” but here the emphasis is on tackling.

Mark out two goals at each end of the area. Divide your players into teams of four with a catcher from each standing in the goal. Each team has to get the ball to their catcher.

If a ball carrier is tackled (using a tag or touch tackle), the ball is given over to the other team (or make the ball carrier pass immediately if you want to keep the game flowing).

The players can also intercept and knock down the ball to win it. Dropped passes also mean the teams change possession. Players cannot grab the ball from each other.

If the catcher leaves the goal or another player enters it, it’s a foul. In which case, give the non offending team a free pass to their catcher.

Set Up

Area: 12m x 12m.
Equipment: 1 ball.
Players: 8 – two teams of 4.


  • 1 point for each pass to a catcher.

What to Call Out

Ball carrying team:

  • “Look for space and move quickly”
  • “Pass to free players-keep the ball moving”
  • “Keep your hands up to take the pass”

Tackling team:

  • “Reach with both hands”
  • “Try to anticipate where the ball carrier is going”
  • “Shout “TACKLE” when you catch someone”

Coaching Tips

See if you can get the tacklers to anticipate which player is going to receive the pass, so they can tackle them just as they catch the ball.

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