Deception evasion games

Use adaptive games to create deception. Players trick their opponents to score points.


  1. The defenders spread out, no nearer than 5m from the attackers
  2. Four attackers stand in the middle with a ball
  3. When the attackers ”burst” they aim to score over any line without the ball carrier being touched
  4. The attackers can move and pass in any direction

Set up

A 10m box (or larger), one ball.

How to

  • Put four attackers in the middle, facing inwards, holding a ball. They can be as close together as they want. They can also circle.
  • Put four defenders about 5m away from the circle. Depending on the pressure you want to exert, they can be closer or further away.
  • When the attackers “burst”, they aim to score over any point at the edge of the box. They can pass and run in any direction.
  • The defenders aim to touch the ball carrier to win.


  • The defenders win by bringing the ball carrier to ground.
  • The defenders win by grabbing and holding the ball for more than three seconds (promoting possible mauling outcomes).



  1. Four attackers stand facing you
  2. Three defenders stand in the middle
  3. One defender stands at the back. They can only move from side to side
  4. The attackers can run and pass in any direction
  5. Before the attack starts, the spoofer makes themselves known to you with a wink
  6. The attackers must pass if touched
  7. Only the “spoofer” can score and they must run over the line with the ball
  8. The go finishes if the spoofer is touched, or there is an attacking infringement
  9. If the defenders identify the spoofer and shout spoof, if two of them can touch the spoofer with or without the ball, then that go finishes

Set up

A 20m box and a ball.

How to

  • Four attackers decide who will be the “spoof”. They then stand facing you, and the spoof then winks at you, so you know it is.
  • Three defenders line up about 10m away and one stands at the end of the box.
  • The attackers then turn and play. They aim to get the ball to the spoof player to score over the far line.
  • The attackers can pass and run in any direction. To score, the spoof player must be in possession of the ball before they cross the line.
  • If an attacker is touched, they must pass the ball.
  • Defenders cannot intercept the ball.
  • If a defender touches the spoof player when they are in possession of the ball, then the attack finishes.
  • If the defenders shout “spoof” at any time, if two of them can touch the spoof player within five seconds, then the attack is over. The spoof player doesn’t need to be carrying the ball. The defenders might, of course, go for the wrong player!
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