Command and conquer

Here’s a game of invasion, evasion, tactics, intensity, teamwork and nerve. Every player will be involved and it will help develop fitness as well as skills.

This game is really active and allows everyone to take a role. Great for fitness due to a high work rate and also allows you to focus on a range of fundamental skills.

Split into two equal teams. Each team has a “Weapon Store” (containing equal numbers of balls) and a “Prison” area.

The objective for each team is to infiltrate enemy territory (opposite team’s half) and steal as many weapons/balls as possible and return them to their own store.

Players are “Safe” whilst in their own half and whilst in the enemy’s “Weapon Store”.

Defenders are not allowed to directly defend their “Weapon Store” or ”Prison” (“Goal-hanging”)

If players run out of the game area with a ball in hand, the ball must be returned to its original store.

Whilst in the enemy’s half, players can be tagged or tackled (dependent on age). If tagged or tackled, the captured player must proceed to the enemy’s “Prison” area and the ball is returned to its original store.

Imprisoned players can only be freed by receiving a “High-5” from one of their own teammates or if the coach calls “Prison Break!” (coaches may use this call at their own discretion to prevent players being stationary too long or if the game become uncompetitive). Players can be tagged or tackled whilst trying to free teammates.

The winning team is the one with the most weapons in their store after an allotted time. For each prisoner still captured, a team loses one weapon from their score (this encourages players to consider their teammates).


Q What should we look for before we make a run? A Spaces

Q What are the ways we can avoid defenders? A Speed, side-steps (break down key factors)

Q What sort of things can we do to show great teamwork? A Get our players out of Jail

Q What makes a good tag/tackle? A (Tag) low body position and get close A (Tackle) low body position, step in close, shoulder to shorts, cheek to cheek, ring of steel, drive the legs

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