Work on angles and support

Often backs and forwards are mixed up after the first phase of play. This session helps them get quickly into position so they can take the ball forward or support team-mates in or before contact.

It helps players challenge defences with their running angles, and support the ball carrier when he takes contact or makes a break.

  1. Put three ruck-pad holders towards one end of the box, with a feeder 1m in from that corner.
  2. Pairs of players stand on the opposite two corners – ideally one forward and one back in each pair.

  1. A pair from each corner moves into the box and, when they’re ready, the feeder passes to one of the players.
  2. In the meantime, the ruck-pad holders spread across the line.
  3. The attackers aim to cross the gain line with the minimum of contact.
  4. If there’s a slight bump, the ball carrier has to offload.
  5. A heavy contact means the carrier goes to ground and the other attackers have to clear out a ruck.

  1. To develop, have two defenders and two ruck-pad holders.
  2. The attack aims to bust through the ruck pads and avoid the defenders.
  3. Adjust the tackle intensity to suit your players.


  • Identify the first receiver.
  • Attack the line by changing angle.
  • Always be available as an option to pass to.
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