Win the 1 v 1 kick chase

Develop the role of the kick-chasing player. Use these exercises to work on how to compete for the ball, make a tackle or guide the catcher out of play.

A kick is only as a good as its chase. A good chase can turn an average kick into a turnover.

  1. Put a catcher and chaser at different distances apart.
  2. Throw the ball up for the catcher.
  3. Depending on the distances, he will have to make a contestable catch, or have time to catch the ball.
  4. The chaser can work out whether he will go for the ball or not.

  1. Develop by setting up a catcher inside a box, with two support players either side of him.
  2. Two chasers and a kicker stand either in a position for a contestable kick or for a “downtown” kick where the catcher has time to take the ball and then run.
  3. The receiving team aim to run the ball out of the end of the box. Use touch tackling or full tackling.

  1. If the catch cannot be tackled immediately, the chaser should move to one side.
  2. He then shepherds the catcher towards the touchline, making sure he cannot be beaten the inside.


  • Contest for the ball with the hands above the head – like a goal keeper going for a cross in football.
  • Chop the feet if coming to make a tackle to get the right timing.
  • Get inside the catcher he has a chance to run and move towards a touchline.
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