Try this fast moving warm-up game: Hot box feet

From 48 Rugby Skills Games

This is constantly moving warm up game, which can be replicated across lots of boxes. It works on passing anticipation, because no player is allowed to stand still or take a pass standing still

Set up

Players: 3 attackers v 1 defender
Area: 7m square
Equipment: One ball

Try this fast moving warm-up game: Hot box feet

Game notes

  • The attack can move in any direction along the lines as long as they stay on the lines
  • Dropped balls, intercepted passes or being caught in possession means victory for the defender
  • The last player to touch the ball before the defender wins becomes the new defender.


  • The attackers aim to make five passes to win.

What to call out

  • “Pass in front of the receiver”
  • “Receiver: hands out”
  • “Receiver: look ahead and call for the ball”.

Coaching notes

  • Think about adjusting the size of the box if your players find it too hard or too easy
  • Play the game a couple of times, then bring the players in to discuss tactics. The team on the ball should be highlighting early and firm passes. The defenders should anticipate and shadow, aiming not to get caught in the corners because they will then have to run further.

P.S. This session comes from my 48 Rugby Skills Games manual. Click here to find out more.

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