The Triangle

In this warm-up game, passing and catching are important, but vision and awareness are paramount. When the player is lining up to run, he needs to know who is going, when he needs to go, who he’ll receive from, who he’ll pass to and where he’ll line up next.

What you need for this game

  • 12+ Players
  • 1 Ball
  • 3 Cones


Use cones to mark out a triangular playing area with each side measuring 12m, as shown 1.


The ball must be passed backwards at all times.

What you do as coach

1. Divide your players into three equal groups and line up one group behind each of the cones at the points of the triangle. Number the cones 1, 2 and 3.

The lead player at cone 2 begins with the ball. On your whistle, he runs forwards, as does the lead player at cone 1.

2. As they are running, the player with the ball delivers an onside pass (i.e. he passes the ball backwards) to the player from cone 1, and he in turn passes on to the front player from cone 3, who has delayed his start to receive the ball around the midpoint of the triangle. All the players then join the line that they’ve just passed to.

3. The sequence is then repeated, but this time the player at cone 3 runs and passes to the player running from cone 1. Then the player from cone 1 passes to the player from cone 2 and so the game continues, with the ball always staying around the midpoint of the triangle.

How you can progress the game

Make the game tighter and more demanding by increasing the number of players involved.

Put pressure on the players’ passing accuracy by making the triangle bigger, forcing them to make longer passes.

The Triangle-1

  • Players line up at cones.
  • Player from 2 advances with ball.
  • Player from 1 advances.
  • Stress: Say that you want to see hands up ready for a pass, catching the ball early away from body and passing in front of the receiver.

The Triangle-2

  • Player from 3 starts run.
  • Player from 2 passes to 1.
  • Player from 1 then passes to 3.
  • Shout out: Communication, timing and good lines of running are vital if the ball is to stay in the middle. Call out to let the players know.

The Triangle-3

  • Player from 3 passes to 1.
  • Player from 1 passes to 2.
  • Players carry on to join line.
  • Observe: Players must be constantly aware of the numbers on each cone and move to fill in if they see a shortage. Do they do this?
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