Tackle tube warm-up

By Darren Kingham-Scott, head coach of Winchester RFC and Hampshire RFU women’s and U15s coach


This is a good warm-up activity using tackle tubes. Remember good technique is more important than “flying” into the tubes.

Set up

  • 20m x 10m box
  • Five tubes in zigzag formation approximately 7m apart
  • One player stands behind each tube.

Tackle tube warm-up

What you get your players to do

  • Player A runs out and tackles the tube by player B
  • Player B then runs and tackles the tube by player C (see picture 1)
  • Player A regains his feet and resets the tube he has just tackled (see picture 2)
  • Meanwhile, player C has tackled the third tube and so on

  • Once the first tube is reset, player G tackles the first tube, then A is released to tackle the second tube, B tackles the third tube and so on (see picture 3)
  • Once the last tube is tackled, the player waiting at the end sprints round to join the back of the line.


  • Players only to bend in the last few steps near to the tube
  • Drive with shoulder and legs into and through the contact
  • Regain feet as soon as possible.


Put a ball on top of each tube which must be recovered by the tackler.


Make sure each player drives in with his shoulder. Be tough on those who dive into the tackle.