Rugby warm up drill for pre match footwork skills

Rugby drill set-up

  • Set up a 10-metre wide by 30-metre long box with a line of five evenly-spaced cones every seven metres for this warm-up drill.
  • Get three or four players to set off down the box, changing pace and running style at every line of cones.
  • When they reach the end of the box, have them jog round to re-run this rugby drill. 

Variations and extensions for rugby drill

  • Ensure your rugby players change pace at every line of cones.
  • Have the players first run sideways, then backwards, then sideways again but this time facing the other way.
  • Get the players to run using heel flicks, then high knees, and striding out.
  • Have the players jog up the grid, changing their angle of running every time they reach a cone. Then increase their pace and encourage the players to change angles so they are running at least three metres sideways for every seven metres forwards, weaving in and out of the cones.

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