Warm Ups

Warm-ups and cool-downs are two of the most important aspects of your training and match day routines.
It’s vital that your players warm-up and cool-down properly in order to maximise their performance and reduce the risk of injury. We tell you how and why warm-ups and cool-downs work and we suggest some warm-up drills that you might try with your team.

The Triangle-1

The Triangle

in Passing & Handling, Small-sided games, Warm Ups

In this warm-up game, passing and catching are important, but vision and awareness are paramount. When the player is lining up to run, he needs to know who is going, when he needs to go, who he’ll receive from, who he’ll pass to and where he’ll line up next. MORE

2V1 Continuous-1

2v1 Continuous

in Small-sided games, Warm Ups

This simple game is an excellent warmup exercise that will get your players thinking about their core skills, communication and, most importantly, decision-making. MORE

Five Waves-1

Five Waves

in Passing & Handling, Warm Ups

This is a good warm-up game for a large group of players. It gets their minds and bodies moving and helps to sharpen up their core skills of handling, passing and catching. MORE

Decision-Making Warm-Up-1

Decision-Making Warm-Up

in Small-sided games, Warm Ups

A straightforward decision-making exercise that highlights support play and running lines. It’s a good game to use early on in a coaching session when you want to get your players’ core skills nicely warmed up. MORE

Four Ball Chaos-1

Four Ball Chaos

in Small-sided games, Warm Ups

This game, which is very simple to set up and play, but quite tricky to master, puts many of the basic skills of rugby to the test, which is what makes it such a great warm-up exercise. MORE

Tackle tube warm-up

Tackle tube warm-up

in Warm Ups

By Darren Kingham-Scott, head coach of Winchester RFC and Hampshire RFU women’s and U15s coach Overview This is a good warm-up activity using tackle tubes. Remember good technique is more important than “flying” into the tubes. Set up 20m x 10m box Five tubes in zigzag formation approximately 7m apart One player stands behind each... MORE

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