Warm Ups

Warm-ups and cool-downs are two of the most important aspects of your training and match day routines.
It’s vital that your players warm-up and cool-down properly in order to maximise their performance and reduce the risk of injury. We tell you how and why warm-ups and cool-downs work and we suggest some warm-up drills that you might try with your team.

Warm-up games for contact

in Warm Ups

Get your players ready for contact with these games. They'll warm up your players’ shoulders and upper bodies in a fun way to prepare for sessions involving contact. It will put them into dynamic positions that they might not usually be used to. MORE

Wicked warm-ups

in Rugby drills, Warm Ups

Get your session buzzing with these three activities for an active warm-up. By using games, chaos and lots of movement, the players will be using all the key physical literacy skills in a busy environment. MORE

Warm up with rondos, the grid game, prison break...

in Rugby drills, Warm Ups

Here are four great warm-up games to energise your players while working on skills and decision-making. Notice that I'm keen to showcase player-led activities for warm-up games. This is a good chance to build more cohesion amongst the players, while you are still providing a certain amount of control on the direction of the session.  MORE

Warm-up Rondos

in Rugby drills, Small-sided games, Warm Ups

Originating in football, the Rondo is a small sided game that encourages many touches of the ball and can be easily constrained to impact the desired outcomes. Use them as a starter activity, getting players to self-organise into these simple games to work on their catch/pass skills under pressure. MORE

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