Videos of activities to improve passing and decision making

Improve your players’ handling by giving them plenty of opportunities to pass the ball in training. Not all the passes are the same, and not all passers either. Help your players discover which works best for them, while giving them hints and tips on how to progress.

Here we have four videos of activities you can mix into your training to develop better passing and then move onto decision-making situations where they can use those passes.

Start with our Fun, competitive, passing warm up. It’s ideal for all ages of players and isolates the top half of the body. The competitive element makes the players look for ways to win, which, in turn, leads to them thinking more about their hand positions and follow through.

Take this detail to the next stage with Make kids better passers. This exercise from Mark Calverley has the players giving direct feedback to their peers on the accuracy of their skills. It’s great because it allows the players to become coaches, so making them think more deeply about their own skills.

Then we have video activities from two experienced skills coaches. Ben Pegna, who worked with the Wasps academy shows us how we can use an enhanced Game of netball to focus on better handling in a more chaotic environment.

Rob Appleyard, who coached the Dragons and was a skills coach with the WRU has a great warm-up 3 v 2 activity which can be used in training and before matches to get in plenty of ball work and decisions.

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