VIDEO: Win the space over the ball warm-up

Use the warm-up activity with tackle tubes and pads to improve the players’ leg drive and body shapes when they enter the contact area.


  1. Put a tackle tube on two ruck pads placed about a 1m apart. Put a ball in the middle.
  2. Have a player at each end of the tubes in a crouched position. It’s important that their heads at either to the their own right or left of the pad.
  3. When you say go, the players aim to drive the tackle tube back over the ball. They will either both engage with their left shoulder or both engage with their right shoulders.
  4. Go for 15 seconds to see who’s made most progress.
  5. Disqualify players if they lose grip or fall away from the tubes.
  6. Some players may put their hands on the ground to maintain balance. If they are not beyond the ball, allow this.


Put another ruck pad underneath one end of the tackle tube.

Have the players start to the side of the tube and pads, so they have adjust and enter from the correct angle.

After 15 seconds, shout “break” and the players have to perform another rugby action. For example, a 2 v 1.


  • Arrive at the ruck with the hips and shoulders in line.
  • Bend at the knees so that the hips are above the knees.
  • Keep driving forward, with the feet moving towards the ball.

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