VIDEO: Simple chip and chase developments

A session to help increase attacking options against a flat defence and communication between players, the chipper and chaser.


1: The simple chip

The player moves forward to the tackle line and aims a chip kick (no higher than just over the cross bar of the rugby posts) to a receiver waiting 10 metres away. The receiver gathers and they swap places.

2: The chip over a static defender

A chaser runs alongside the kicker and tries to gather the chip before the ball reaches a line 10 metres away.The defender can jump to block as the players develop.

3: The chip and chaser “live”

A defender and two attackers start 20 metres apart in a channel no wider than 3 metres. The two attackers have to beat the defender. If the ball is chipped, it is allowed to go outside the channel.


Set up two teams in a box with the ball in a ruck, maul or scrum. The ball is passed out. The attack has one chance to break down the opposition line. They can use any normal form of attack, though if this results in a ruck or maul deem the attack to have ended. Mark out three “chip” zones. Defenders are not allowed into these zones. If an attacker can chip the ball into a zone and a chaser gathers it, then the team automatically scores a point. If a try is then scored, another point is scored. The “chip” zones can be designated by the attacking side.


  • Keep the ball in the middle of the body.
  • Slow down to kick. The chaser will add the acceleration.
  • Chaser: stay deep. The kicker will slow down.
  • Chaser: don’t expect the kick to happen or work. Be prepared to support in other ways.

Other activities to use with this activity:

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