VIDEO: Pick and go accuracy, with three key points who might have never thought about

Use this simple looking exercise to improve your forwards’ pick-and-go techniques. There are three key points which you need your players to employ to give them more strong body, go-forward every time. The video comes from our Pack Attack DVD by Phil Davies.

Key points

  1. Move forward when the ball is picked up. Don’t take it from a stationary┬ástart.
  2. Be square, that is with the hips facing up the pitch when picking up the ball. This gives better power going forward. Otherwise, they go forward sideways and lose power.
  3. Pick up with the inside hand to the direction they are going and then encourage them to move it quickly to the outside hand. This means they can hand off defenders more effectively.

Also, note how the ball carrier goes to the ground and presents quickly away from the body. In a close quarter situation, where defenders are close by, this is important because the next attacker can pick up quickly.

As always, better communication gives confidence to the players. Use clear, concise language.


  • Add in passive defenders as targets. They put a bit of pressure on the runner and then the next pick.
  • Then make it more competitive, with say 5 v 2 or 5 v 3 in a narrow channel of 10m.


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