VIDEO: Charge down training

Putting the squeeze on a kicker clearing his lines can reap rewards. Here’s how to charge down kicks from the base of a ruck or scrum.

Blocking clearing kicks close to the opposition line can result directly in a try. In this exercise, set up defenders to put pressure on the kick and then pounce on the loose ball.

  1. Put a ruck-pad holder (kicker, P1) two steps to the right of a ruck pad on the ground (to represent a ruck), holding the pad.
  2. Put two ruck-pad holders in front of him, each holding the pad with one arm, leaving the other arm free.
  3. Put up to four opponents opposite the players with the ruck pads, ready to come forward to charge down the kicks.
  4. Have a player (P2) with a ball step from behind the ruck and put the ball onto the bottom of the kicker ruck pad.


  1. The kicker (P1) then flicks the ball up to make it go over the players in front of him.
  2. As soon as the ball is played, the opponents come forward to charge down the kick and, if successful, pounce on the ball.
  3. The other ruck-pad holders aim to hold back/ block the charges.
  4. Referee the offside line harshly!


  • Keep “active” and not low before coming forward.
  • Hands should be high to block the kick.

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