VIDEO: 7s passing for wide pass development

Use this “ruck-to-ruck” wide passing exercise to develop better long passing along with timing and realignment. All your team should be involved with this activity, with players adjusting their alignment based on the strengths and weakness of their teammates. It challenges all the players to pass wider and accurately. Set a target of 20 completed runs.

  1. Split into groups of six, lined up between two squares representing rucks.
  2. The first player runs into the “ruck” square and passes away to the next player.
  3. The line of players then pass the ball along the line. After each pass the players realign (reload) for the next passing movement.
  4. The players should not go beyond a line between the squares.

  1. The last player goes into the second ruck square.

  1. And the group repeats the exercise the other way.
  2. After at most two of their own passes, a player should find a new starting position.
  3. The group should aim to get as much width as they feel comfortable with. If this means the last player in the line is outside the ruck square, then good. They simply run back to the ruck square to restart, and the other players realign.
  4. Challenge the players to pass within two or three steps of taking the ball. And then, to pass “flat”, that is don’t pass the ball too far backwards.
  5. Develop by using a set play of one of the rucks, but still end passing towards the far ruck.




This proved really useful as a physical conditioning and mindset activity where players were encouraged to work really hard to get into position where they could then have a short rest. When they started changing their positions in the line it made for a more game-related, teamwork orientated practice.

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