Vertical jumps for the lineout

Get the right jump and body shape for your jumpers so they’re easier to lift and quicker into the air. This session will soon highlight flaws in technique if players aren’t leaping vertically.

Jumpers might move back or forward before they set themselves to jump, so they can be off-balance. This activity isolates this to make sure they’re going up straight.

  1. Split into groups of three, comprising a jumper and two players to act as “lifters” but who don’t need to perform a proper lift.
  2. Put the lifters 5m apart facing each other, with the jumper in the middle.
  3. The jumper walks towards the first lifter.
  4. On reaching him, he jumps vertically, with the lifter boosting him a little by grabbing and pushing him up at the legs.
  5. The jumper then walks backwards and repeats with the back lifter.

  1. If the jumper fails to go up vertically, it will be clear from this exercise because he’ll fall forwards or backwards over the lifter.
  2. Alternatively, his legs will flick out.

  1. Develop by having the jumper walk back and then forward, with the back lifter following the jumper.
  2. When the jumper reaches the front lifter, he jumps vertically, with both lifters giving him a small boost.
  3. Add a thrower to help with the timing.


  • Jump with toes pointing down and knees together.
  • Use the arms to boost the height of the jump.


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