U7-U8 Make a Tag tackle

This session is perfect for when you’re teaching mini rugby for U7s and U8s.

Make a Tag tackle

Summary: Get close to the ball carrier, grab and remove the tag belt, hold the tag above your head and shout “Tag!”, return the tag to the tagged player.

1. Pair up the players to make two teams. Give each team a name, such as “Reds” and “Blues”.

2. Put them back to back in the middle of the area with the Blues facing one way and Reds the other, each pair 2m from the next.

3. Shout out “Red” or “Blue”. The players of that colour sprint to the line in front of them. At the same time, the other players turn and try to tag the runners before they reach the line. Tell the players to get close to the ball carrier.

4. The players return tags and repeat the game. Continue until everyone has had at least five goes at sprinting.

How many players do I need? You can run this activity with as many pairs as you like, as long as you have enough space for them all to line up.

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