Touch, Tag & Sevens

Mini, touch, TAG and Sevens are all great ways to introduce new and young players to rugby. But we mustn’t forget that touch and TAG rugby are particularly good variations also to use in training with experienced players. Check out these drills and games to help you make the most of touch, tag and sevens in your training.

Touch rugby to develop realigning and support

Touch rugby to develop realigning and support

in Touch, Tag & Sevens

Use this development game of touch rugby to improve support and realignment. How to play • Divide your squad into three equal groups. • Groups 1 and 2 start in attack and 3s are the defenders (in bibs). • No kicks are allowed. • When a touch tackle is made (see Fig 1), the touched... MORE

Make a tag tackle-1

Make a Tag tackle

in Defence, EasiCoach, Touch, Tag & Sevens

U7 MINI-TAG | DEFENDING 1 ACTIVITY: TAG SNATCH Pair up the players to make two teams. Give each team a name, such as “Reds” and “Blues”. Put them back to back in the middle of the area with the Blues facing one way and Reds the other, each pair 2m from the next. Shout out... MORE

U7 U8 Mini Tag Rugby Refereeing and Game Coaching

in Touch, Tag & Sevens

You might hope not to have to get involved in refereeing, or “game coaching” as it is becoming known, or you might be dead keen to try. These days the objective is a free-flowing game, so the person with the whistle is more of a helper than a referee. Each side having a coach is... MORE

Minis rugby: Teach your players how to score a tag try

Minis rugby: Teach your players how to score a...

in Touch, Tag & Sevens

This contact session is perfect for teaching U7s and U8s. Make sure you remind them to touch the ball down using both hands. 1. Divide your players into teams of four. Put the teams into lines, each line about 3m apart, on one side of the area. The player at the front of each line... MORE

Make a Tag tackle

U7-U8 Make a Tag tackle

in Touch, Tag & Sevens

This session is perfect for when you’re teaching mini rugby for U7s and U8s. Summary: Get close to the ball carrier, grab and remove the tag belt, hold the tag above your head and shout “Tag!”, return the tag to the tagged player. 1. Pair up the players to make two teams. Give each team... MORE

Touch rugby drill to vary training

in Touch, Tag & Sevens

Paul Tyler recently assessed an U10 coach. The coach used touch rugby during the rugby training drill session in an innovative way. This got Paul thinking about how touch rugby can be used as a viable alternative to contact rugby in training. MORE

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