VIDEO: Angling for excellence with tackle tubes

Use this tackling-angles exercise that features two tackle tubes to reduce the ground impact for the player. A ball taped to the upright tube also makes him focus on the correct shoulder to use.

Set up


Four different coloured cones behind a coned gate, two tackle tubes, two players, a ball taped/tied to the top of the upright tackle tube. This ball simulates an attacker’s head and denotes what shoulder to tackle with.


The tube holder varies the angle of the upright tube to help show what type of tackle should be made and using the correct shoulder.

  1. You call a colour and the tackler runs to that cone and approaches the tube with the ball tied to the top through the coned gate.

  1. The tackler drives the tube back and lands on the second tube to cushion the blow.

  1. You then call another coloured cone.
  2. The tackler approaches from this one and tackles a tube that is either tilted or turned left or right, placing his head and shoulder in the right place.
  3. Develop by getting the tackler to remain on the tube and the tube holder has to retreat a metre and then clean out the tackler or roll him away.


  • Short steps before the tackle
  • Grab hard and hold tight in the tackle
  • Keep the feet in contact with the ground throughout the tackle
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