U9 & U10: Fall the “correct” way for a speedy recovery

U9 & U10: Fall the "correct" way for a speedy recovery

Get players used to falling correctly in the tackle to prevent injury and presenting the ball back to team mates quickly so they can play on.

1. Put four pairs of players on one side of the area and four single players on the opposite side. Give one player in each pair a ball.

2. When you say “go”, the first player in each pair jogs 5m with the ball and the second player follows behind.

3. After 5m, the first player falls to the ground and presents the ball back. The second player waits until the ball is properly presented (see below) before picking it up and running to the player on the opposite side.

4. The two players then repeat the drill, running back the other way. The player on the ground runs back to his starting position.

5. Develop by playing a game of touch rugby where the touched player must present the ball properly or it is a turnover to the other team.

This activity is from EasiCoach Rugby Skills Activities U9 & U10, for more like this take a look at our EasiCoach series.

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