U9 Side-on tackle reactions

Get players getting the head tight to the shorts of the attacker and the shoulder into the attacker’s legs when making a side-on tackle

Side-on tackle reactions

  1. Put a tackler in the middle of the area and two attackers in front of him on the corners. Put a feeder behind the tackler on the other side of the area.
  2. When you say “go”, have the feeder pass to one of the attackers. The feeder can decide who to pass to so that everyone is kept on their toes. The attacker catches the ball and runs down the side of the area towards the corner.
  3. The tackler must react quickly and intercept the ball carrier before he gets to the corner. The tackler must get his head onto the shorts of the ball carrier in a tackling position, at which point the ball carrier stops and is
    released by the tackler.
  4. Have the tackler make at least four “tackles” before rotating players.
  5. You can increase the intensity by progressively getting the tackler to grip the ball carrier, drive him out of the area and finally make a full tackle.


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