Perfect tackling technique

From Rugby Coach Weekly

Turn your players into dominating tacklers capable of stopping the opposition on the gain line and winning turnovers. This activity also perfects their tackling technique.

Why use it

Develop the ability to dominate the tackle and get into position to compete for the ball afterwards. Improve decision making at the tackle and knowledge of the tackle laws.

Set up

A 3m square with different coloured cones, balls.

Perfect tackling technique

How to do it?

Start with an attacker holding a ball on the middle cone and a defender on the yellow cone opposite. Call a colour – “GREEN” – and the defender moves to that cone and waits for the ball carrier to advance. The ball carrier starts running to get to the opposite side. As soon as he moves, the tackler can move and make the tackle (see picture 1). Once the tackle is made, call the other coloured cone (“WHITE”) and the defender gets to his feet to start from this side for a fresh attacker (see picture 2). Each tackler makes 4 or 5 tackles against different ball carriers before swapping over.


  • Plant foot as close as possible to the ball carrier and hit low with shoulder on the same side
  • Drive legs through the tackle upon contact to unbalance
  • Drive the ball carrier to ground and finish on top of him
  • Back on the feet in a strong low position as soon as possible. See picture 3 for details.


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